About Us

The website GetPregnant101.org was created by a person, who likes to help others. This person realizes, that getting pregnant these days might be much harder with all the “fast and modern lifestyle” and polluted environment as it might usually appear. That is why author of this informative web-portal decided to launch this project.

This project tries to provide very vital information for every women, who struggles to get pregnant. However, although many older women think they could not get pregnant anymore, often with the implementation of advices provided on the GetPregnant101.org website is much more realistic.

What is crucial is the fact, that not only physic, but the mental status of a women wanting to get pregnant is crucial for a success. However, exactly the mental status is often forgotten by doctors and fertility assistants. That is why this website offers, besides the tips what to eat and how to change your lifestyle, various holistic hints and advices what to change in your life.